Carroten Sunsations intensive exotic tanning gel SPF 10

Bound to tempt you!

One of sun fans’ most favourite picks – Carroten intensive tanning gel in classic jar packaging- complements the Carroten Sunsations series, presenting an irresistible combination: fast, deep tanning and an SPF, as well. Top it off with the exquisite exotic flowers fragrance and there you have it: Carroten Sunsations intensive exotic tanning gel. An awesome new entry, bound to lure you into a triple temptation! 

  • With the innovative exotic oils complex, (brazil nut, argan & maracuja oil), for an intense, exotic tan and soft, deeply moisturized skin.
  • With ingredients that deliver a fast, dark tan along with the protection you need.
  • With exotic flowers fragrance that is bound to tempt you.
  • Dermatologically tested/Highly water resistant.


        Instructions for use/advisory

  • Apply evenly an abundant quantity over the entire body before sun exposure.
  • Avoid sun exposure during midday hours.
  • Over-exposure to the sun, even while using sunscreen, can be hazardous to health.  

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